This page lists the publications from the group


  • Statistical optimization of cell disruption techniques for releasing intracellular X-prolyl dipeptidyl aminopeptidase from Lactococcus lactis spp. lactis, Ö Üstün-Aytekin, S Arısoy, AÖ Aytekin, E Yıldız, Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 29, 163-171
  • The Statistical Optimization of Bacterial Cellulose Production via Semi-Continuous Operation Mode, AÖ Aytekin, DD Demirbağ, T Bayrakdar, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry


  • Genetic modifications of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for ethanol production from starch fermentation: a review, E Aydemir, S Demirci, A Doğan, AÖ Aytekin, F Sahin, Journal of Bioprocessing & Biotechniques 2014
  • Newly developed medium and strategy for bacterial cellulose production, F Cakar, A Katı, I Özer, DD Demirbağ, F Şahin, AÖ Aytekin, Biochemical Engineering Journal 92, 35-40
  • Improvements of tolerance to stress conditions by genetic engineering in Saccharomyces cerevisiae during ethanol production, A Doğan, S Demirci, AÖ Aytekin, F Şahin, Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 174 (1), 28-42
  • Improvement production of bacterial cellulose by semi-continuous process in molasses medium, F Cakar, I Özer, AÖ Aytekin, F Şahin, Carbohydrate polymers 106, 7-13


  • Manufacture of porous crosslinked polymer particles useful for applications such as protein liquid chromatographic separation, T Adachi, H Takayanagi, AO Aytekin, JP Patent 2,013,088,398

2012 (and before)

  • Efficient and effective mosquitocidal toxin production by Bacillus sphaericus under submerged fermentation using different industrial agricultural waste, A Kati, AÖ Aytekin, F Şahin, New Biotechnology 29, S71
  • Physiological activities of chitosan and N‐trimethyl chitosan chloride in U937 and 3T3‐L1 cells, A Ozhan Aytekin, S Morimura, K Kida, Polymers for Advanced Technologies 23 (2), 228-235
  • Synthesis of chitosan–caffeic acid derivatives and evaluation of their antioxidant activities, AO Aytekin, S Morimura, K Kida, Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 111 (2), 212-216
  • Growth effects of caffeic acid and thioglycolic acid modified chitosans in U937 cells, AO Aytekin, S Morimura, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 65, 712-716
  • Cocultivation of Lactococcus lactis and Teredinobacter turnirae for biological chitin extraction from prawn waste, O Aytekin, M Elibol
    Bioprocess and biosystems engineering 33 (3), 393-399
  • Comparative study of N-trimethyl chitosan (TMC) and chitooligosaccharides on anti-radical scavenging activity, AO Aytekin, S Morimura, Journal of Biotechnology 136, S595
  • Biological extraction of chitin from prawn waste and their utilization by chemical modifications to increase physiological activities, AO Aytekin