This page lists the current courses, proposed at Yeditepe University, Department of Genetics and Bioengineering.

  • GBE361 Biotransport Processes I : General concepts and momentum transfer, Heat and Mass Transfer
    Momentum, Heat and Mass transfer, transport phenomena in organ systems; design of equipments in diagnosis and treatment; dimensionless numbers, boundary layer theory, creeping, laminar, turbulent flows
  • GBE 321 Biotermodynamics
    Fundamental concepts in thermodynamics, application to biological systems
  • GBE 326 Experimental Genetics and Bioengineering: Principles
    Bioprocess engineering, kinetics of enzyme and microorganisms, bioreactors, separation and purification systems
  • GBE 415 Experimental Genetics and Bioengineering: Design and Implementation
    Bioprocess engineering, market research, calculations of heat and mass balances, bioreactor and vessel designs, applications of separation and purification systems,cost analysis
  • GBE 451 Techniques in Bioprocess Engineering